For several years, I admired Rae’s advocacy on behalf of RCMP members from afar. Rae has done more than any other person to lead the RCMP association movement. In recent years as I’ve gotten to know him, I have come to learn that Rae is a sincerely good person who truly cares about others. Rae has unique leadership qualities which includes the will, determination and fortitude to take on the struggle of others and do all he can to make things right. I am proud to call Rae Banwarie my good friend.

RT (Ryan) Letnes, Cpl

“Rae Banware is not only a supporter of those in the RCMP/police, but of those who have retired for various reasons.

Going through such a difficult time In my life, where I had no choice but to medically retire from the RCMP after ten years of service, Rae was there for me. He provided me with valuable information and contacts in order to look after myself both during and post retirement. He was genuinely helpful and cared a great deal. A year and a half after my retirement, he continues to be there for me and for so many others as a strong support and as a friend who understands and empathizes. Rae is a family man, a man of faith, a man full of knowledge and ambition! Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do, Rae! You’re an inspiration and have so much more to accomplish! Thanks for caring!”

Melanie Chiasson

“I have known Rae for 12 years. We first met to discuss the labour issues and on going problems within the RCMP. I was the president of the Mounted Police Professional Association and Rae was looking to get involved. He had expressed a deep concern for his fellow officers, the continued lack of action by the RCMP and need for labour representation. After our discussion Rae indicated he wanted to get involved. Wanted to help. So that is what Rae did. He joined the Association and was instantly committed to helping his fellow officers achieve a fair labour system. Suggesting new ways to fight injustice and not taking “no” as an answer to his questions. When he was met with resistance he would change gears and go after the same issue from another angle. His dedication, hard work and leadership soon came to the forefront and Rae became the president of the Mounted Police Professional Association. As the president he took the Association to the next level. It was his drive for labour equality, his drive for a harassment free workplace for all, and his ability to lead by example that really elevated the RCMP Association to lead the drive to the courts. As passionate Rae is with labour his greatest passion is his family. Rae never misses an opportunity to talk about his children or his wife Claire. Rae’s pride can be seen in his eyes and heard in his voice when speaking about his family. With Rae’s departure from the RCMP, he left a large void in the labour movement leadership. That vacancy remains today but Rae is never more then a phone call away. I have called him several times for his advice and guidance. His knowledge of the RCMP labour landscape remains second to none and he remains engaged with the ongoing developments. Rae is a natural born leader. His enthusiasm in everything he does is infectious and he never does anything half way. Rae has enriched the lives of everyone he meets and his drive and integrity are what we all should strive to be.”

Patrick Mehain

“I worked with Rae as an Executive with the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) from 2010 to 2018. Rae was President of the Association at the time. I first got to know Rae in 2010. In that time I observed his exceptional leadership skills and his superior communication skills. He has a good sense of humour. If there were a medal for courage of conviction, Rae’s would be a perfect candidate for the medal.

I particularly remember asking Rae for assistance with an employee/management, work related issue. Rae utilized his contacts and communication skills and managed to get management to change an unmoving position.

One thing that I miss is the dedication and perseverance that Rae shows when he feels strongly about a subject.

I highly recommend Rae run in Canadian Politics. He would be a great change to the status quo.”

Roland Beaulieu

“Though I have only known Rae Banwarie for over a year, my spouse and I cannot thank him enough for his support since that time. We met Rae through MPPAC when I, as a new member of the RCMP, started experiencing severe issues with my employer. When I felt otherwise abandoned and ostracized, he stepped up immediately, and helped me to advocate for myself in perhaps the most confusing and stressful time in my life. Rae was there for me when I needed help with reviewing documents, advice on what actions to take, finding people to contact/coordinate with, moral support, and just about anything else that came up. Without his help, I would not be in as strong a position as I am today.

My spouse and I have come to trust in Rae’s integrity. What we’ve seen him do for me and for others speaks to his bravery, intent to seek positive change, and willingness to stand up and speak truth to power. He’s exactly the type of person we’d like to see in politics today.”

Thomas Deliva and Jess Marcotte

“I am writing this note in support of Rae Banwarie in his candidacy for MP in the riding of Cloverdale – Langley City.

I have known Rae for nearly 15 years. We met as we had a common interest in improving working conditions for members within the RCMP. I was a Psychologist working with RCMP Health Services, at that time, and Rae was active in the movement to create an RCMP Members Association (Union).

I was confronted on a daily basis, as a psychologist, with the emotional/psychological damage that was being done to RCMP members by their employer. At this time Rae was highly active as a supporter of the members’ rights as workers.

When it comes to ensuring the rights and well being of others, Rae has always impressed me as having “a calling”. I have seen him on many occasions put his own well being (job) on the line in order to “stand up for the little guy”.

Rae lives by the dictum that he is his “brother’s keeper”. And I believe that this belief and his limitless time and energy for others that would make him an ideal Member of Parliament.“

Dr. Mike Webster

“I have known Rae for over 10 years. He has worked tirelessly as the President of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada. Rae has championed for the rights of the under-dog at every level of Government, up to and including the Prime Minister of Canada. He has testified before several Senate committees.

Rae is very passionate and tenacious about the causes and individuals whom he represents. Rae is a leader and will staunchly represent the community’s interests as the Member of Parliament for Cloverdale – Langley City.”

Cheryl Gravelle

“I have known Rae for over a decade. During that time I have known him to be a tireless advocate for fairness and working for the employee rights. He is willing to speak truth to power even at personal expense. He would make an excellent Member of Parliament as the representative for Cloverdale – Langley City.”

Lloyd Pinsent

“I have known Rae for the past five years, we met while working in the RCMP and I have come to know of his skills and talents while he was working as the President of the Mounted Police Professional Association (MPPAC).

I was impressed with the level of commitment, honesty and heart Rae brought to the Presidency of the MPPAC. He worked tirelessly to unionize the RCMP and advocate on behalf of RCMP members who were enduring workplace injustices.

Part of Rae’s duties included attending Ottawa and submitting evidence to the Senate and Senators regarding issues affecting the RCMP nationally. Rae educated himself to ensure he could provide the best help to members on major issues including; accommodation/return to work, PTSD, graduated discipline and work performance and officer safety. He provided a legal representation program to members that was fundamental in maintaining Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Rae has been blessed with the skills to help people, has an exceptional energy level to follow through on his commitments and maintains work/life balance with his family. I believe Rae would make an excellent member of Parliament because of his experiences with the Senate and he never backs down on what he strongly believes in.”

Bryan Dunnett

“I have known Rae for several years and have personal experience in dealing with him when I needed his assistance. Rae is keenly interested and knowledgeable in the issues he deals with. He is a skilled communicator and a proven leader who truly cares about people. He stands for what is right and does so with tenacity, integrity and professionalism. Rae gives 100% of himself and goes the distance for the people he serves.”

Cathy Mansley

“Rae has never been afraid to speak up and support individuals, groups and families in a wide variety of challenging situations. Rae genuinely cares for people. I witnessed Rae’s commitment, skill and abilities first hand as a longtime member of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) and during Rae’s time as the National President of MPPAC.

Rae’s accomplishments are too numerous to list in this forum, but I can say I have witnessed him first hand advocating, representing and fighting for those who have been harassed, those who have been victims of medical discharge, those who have been intimidated and bullied by their employer in the workplace. I have seen him stand up and protect those in the LGBTQ community and those who have been marginalized. Rae is an leader and has represented, advocated and fought for people at all levels of government. While there are those in politics who simply talk about social justice, Rae walks the talk has actually represented people and stood with them to defend them when they needed him.

Rae’s documented actions and testimony at the Senate Standing Committees and House of Commons Committees speak volumes about his commitment to people and their families on a national scale. Rae is exactly the leader that the residents of Cloverdale- Langley City needs and an individual who would be an exceptional Member of Parliament.”

M.J. Pratt