Rae has never been afraid to speak up for people even in adverse situations. Rae aims to improve your life and your family’s future which is his pedigree when it comes to people.

With over 20 years in the RCMP, Rae understands people.

After immigrating to Canada as a teenager and subsequently graduating high school, Rae obtained his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Manitoba with a major in Criminology and minor in Political Studies.

Following University, Rae spent just over 20 years with the RCMP, maintaining several posts included Border Integrity, National Security, Integrated Proceeds of Crime, Federal Serious and Organized Crime, Federal Drugs, Financial Integrity Section.

For several years Rae served as the national President of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada which fought for unionizing the RCMP.

Commitment to people, the betterment of their futures, and ultimately a better Canada.

Rae represented Canadians at the National level by giving testimony at the Senate Standing Committee on National Defence and the House of Commons Committee on issues that affect policing and the public on a national scale. He also represented his fellow police officers at Parliament for legislation that was being debated before becoming law. Rae has conducted media interviews at a national level on national issues.

Active in law enforcement and continuing to fight for peoples rights locally, provincially, and at the Public Safety Minister’s level in government.

Following a successful career in the RCMP Rae is still active in law enforcement and continues to advocate for and assist police officers and families who are victims of harassment, bullying, racism, medical injury while on duty. Rae continues to fight for people’s rights, locally, provincially, and at the Public Safety Minister’s level in government.

Rae, his wife Claire, a professional nurse and his school-aged children are long-time residents of Surrey, BC.